Guitar Student Kyle Accepted to University Programs

Kyle Nieman started guitar lessons with Steve about 6 months ago. Kyle’s plan was to study with a local classical guitarist who would prepare him for his audition, aiming to study music therapy. Kyle went from knowing nothing about classical, from barely reading music, to being accepted into both the Music Therapy program and the Music Performance program at Eastern Michigan University. He took weekly lessons and says this about Steve:

Steven and Guitar Student Kyle

Steven and Guitar Student Kyle

Prior to meeting Steven, I primarily played rock guitar in a band for quite a few years. I developed an interest in classical music for about a year and decided to find an instructor to properly teach me to play and understand classical guitar. By learning under Steven, I have been able to read traditional sheet music better than I have ever been able to, and I’ve received an uncountable amount of tips and good information from him. He is able to adapt his teaching around my learning and playing styles, and it really has helped me become a better player not just in classical, but in my electric playing as well. His teaching area is very inspiring and comfortable, allowing you to focus on learning, and nothing else. In a world full of false and misleading information available such as on YouTube and the internet, Steven is a very well-seasoned professional who I can’t recommend highly enough.

Very proud of Kyle and his accomplishments. If you are interested in lessons from Steven (guitar) or Abha (voice and flute), visit the Lessons page for more details.

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