The Dearing Concert Duo looks forward to the opportunity to be a part of your special occasion. We always enjoy hearing from you. Below are only a few letters/thank you cards we received from newly married couples. We guarantee that you will be beyond satisfied with how our music enhanced your special event.

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Your Testimonials

We had the Dearing Concert Duo perform at our wedding. WOW! Abha sang and played the flute. I could seriously watch and listen to her sing all day long. There is just something about her, so full of grace. Steven played his guitar. I don’t know how his fingers go that fast. He is a master at his craft, that’s for certain. They not only played for the ceremony but for the wine and appetizer reception as well. We were busy getting family pictures taken during the reception, but I remember thinking, “I so want to be in there listening to the Dearing Concert Duo” instead of being out here taking pictures. But while I wasn’t able to do that, people gave me reviews of their ‘concert’ during the reception, and they were all rave reviews. It seems like everyone had something great to say about them. I highly recommend them for your wedding or anything at which you need beautiful music.

Tanya Roycraft Nordhaus

Thank you so much for helping us celebrate our new life together! The music was perfect, better than we ever imagined! It truly made our day more special! We will gladly recommend you to anyone we know!

Thanks so much for the wonderful music you so expertly provided at our wedding ceremony. You were a special part of our day.

Thank you for the lovely music at our ceremony, it was simply perfect. Many referrals to follow!

Hi, As a music lover I was determined to find a way to incorporate live music into our wedding, Steve and his wife Abha were a great way to do so. Using the ideas we had for our ceremony and their own creativity, they were able to make something for us that was unique and set our wedding apart from others. The ceremony ran like clock work and I really appreciate everything they did for us, I highly recommend both of their talents to anyone. Totally worth the money and I can’t wait to see what they do for you!

Mitch and Veronica Dommer

You guys are amazing. The music was perfect. I have received many compliments on the ceremony and I’d like to thank you for your beautiful contribution to it.

So glad to see this page so I can recap for others a special Dearing Concert Duo performance. Steven and Abha were the highlight of a fund-raising event held in our home last year. Their unique blend of guitar and voice, in the intimate space of a home, is something truly wonderful. Their set included a few jazz selections–how cool to hear Abha’s scatting! Guests also enjoyed great conversation about music afterwards. Highly recommended for events like this.

Barb Eschner

Kris and I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful music you played for our wedding ceremony. It really set the tone for the whole event.

Thank you for the wonderful performance you gave for our wedding. All of our guests were impressed, and many asked me where I found you. The music was beautiful, and we loved how the day just flowed along smoothly.

Thank you for sharing your time and talent to make our wedding day so special. Whenever we remember this day and all it means to us, we’ll also remember how much your music added to the beauty of our wedding.

The DCD transports listeners to a different time and space… and transform the very air around them with a gentle magic that allows the music to come alive. The beautiful textures and tones convince the listener that there’s much more going on than one guitar and one flute. The sounds and colors fill the spaces, pulling the listener into a peaceful daydream. Just play this CD and be instantly soothed.

Ralph Valdez

We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of our special day! We appreciate fine music and talent and therefore thoroughly enjoyed your playing. More importantly we appreciate you taking the time to learn “Hymne” by Vangelis as this piece has special meaning to us. PS. Thanks for being so flexible with the weather.

Truly ‘in tune’ with what we were looking for, Abha and Steve were super attentive to the tone that we were looking to set, which was superior taste delivered in an understated manner.

From the beginning they seemed genuinely interested in understanding our style and crafting a program that was able to complement it exactly. The contract process was simple and straightforward, the music offerings were varied, but matched the phases of the evening, and we (they?) ended up getting tons of compliments on our selection.

Not planning on needing their services for another other wedding any time soon, but would definitely recommend as a first option.

Aash Mangrulkar

I had Steve and Abha play at my wedding ceremony and they were not only punctual, courteous and professional, but very talented. I think a lot of couples overlook the ceremony music because they’re planning other details but with Dearing Concert Duo, you and your guests will be in awe of their music!


I did not know Abha and Steven before our wedding, my wife did and recommended them. I was very impressed. Abha’s singing is so ethereal, Steven’s guitar so classic, and the two go together so well. I could not imagine a better accompaniment to our wedding.

Mark Nordhaus

An unbeatable combination of talents! Steve is an amazingly versatile guitarist, comfortable in a variety of styles and techniques. Abha has a glorious and seemingly effortless voice as she shifts genres, AND she plays the flute with a liquid ease. What a duo!

Barbara Woolf

I cannot even begin to thank you both for the beautiful job you did at our wedding. So Beautiful. Many of our guests wanted to know where we found you both as you were perfect. Thank you for making our day so special.

Your artistic performance at this (Organization of American States) served to showcase Canadian talent and culture to over 1000 guests in attendance… Delegates and I were most impressed with your performance. My congratulations to you.

Lloyd Axworthy
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada

Pick and choose and you will come away very impressed by the Duo’s abilities.

John Guinn
The Oakland Press

The Dearing Duo performed at my daughter Kacie’s wedding. Their wonderful blend of guitar and flute offered a warm welcome to guests and calmed a nervous dad! Their recommendations for music made Kacie’s choices easy, and were exactly right for the setting. Thanks, again, Dearing Duo!

Dick Cantley

What makes the music sing is the Dearing’s lovely tonal blend, secure phrasing and the way Steven’s clean articulation and steady rhythm lays the foundation for Abha’s warm approach to melody. The sound world is elegantly formal…while the duet sports a seductively intimate blend…

Mark Stryker
Detroit Free Press

Thank you for giving Jaclyn and Mike’s wedding ceremony a memorable touch of elegance. We were thrilled with the entire program. There were countless compliments on the music. You helped make a special day even better. God bless you both.

I really don’t know where to begin this review as I have had the pleasure of knowing Abha since I was 13 years old. She was my choir teacher and choral director freshman-senior year of high school. But she wasn’t just a teacher or a choral director, she was a mentor and a friend and an excellent example of a strong, graceful, intelligent woman. I took her critiques and compliments to heart and saved them to my memory. I was blessed to have her during a awkward and sometimes troubling time in my life. So, it was an easy and exciting decision to hire she and her husband to sing at our wedding. Throughout the process she was incredibly helpful in choosing songs (I was clueless) and professional as can be! Their performance during my ceremony had even my oh-so-macho husband choking up and my family and friends awe-struck. I was in my bridal room before the ceremony and asked my bridesmaid to take a moment to all listen to her as we waited for our turns to walk down the aisle. I am so happy to know them both and lucky to have had them perform at my wedding. 5 stars is just not enough.


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