We had the Dearing Concert Duo perform at our wedding. WOW! Abha sang and played the flute. I could seriously watch and listen to her sing all day long. There is just something about her, so full of grace. Steven played his guitar. I don’t know how his fingers go that fast. He is a master at his craft, that’s for certain. They not only played for the ceremony but for the wine and appetizer reception as well. We were busy getting family pictures taken during the reception, but I remember thinking, “I so want to be in there listening to the Dearing Concert Duo” instead of being out here taking pictures. But while I wasn’t able to do that, people gave me reviews of their ‘concert’ during the reception, and they were all rave reviews. It seems like everyone had something great to say about them. I highly recommend them for your wedding or anything at which you need beautiful music.

Dearing Concert Duo