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Steven and Abha formed the Dearing Concert Duo in 1998 after becoming partners in marriage and since have performed on concert venues across the US, Canada, England, and Scotland. They have performed for a Prime Minister of Canada and a President of India.

They have produced three critically acclaimed CD’s that are heard on radio stations across North America and the UK, and they have performed on both American and Canadian television and radio. They are the recipients of six Detroit Music Awards, and can be heard in living rooms, church music series, art galleries and concert halls .

They also provide beautiful music for weddings, receptions and special occasions.


Your artistic performance at this (Organization of American States) served to showcase Canadian talent and culture to over 1000 guests in attendance…Delegates and I were most impressed with your performance. My congratulations to you.

Lloyd Axworthy, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada

You will come away very impressed by the Duo.”

John Guinn, Oakland Press

What makes the music sing is the Dearing’s lovely tonal blend, secure phrasing and the way Steven’s clean articulation and steady rhythm lays the foundation for Abha’s warm approach to melody. The sound world is elegantly formal…while the duet sports a seductively intimate blend...”

Mark Stryker, Detroit Free Press

“Steven’s vigorous readings by the Brazilian composer Jorge Morel are among the instrumental delights. Abha sings in a beautiful soprano…richly textured…passionate…Marvelous program of duets…there is definitely artistic dialogue going on here.”

Ted Shaw, Windsor Star

The DCD transports listeners to a different time and space…and transform the very air around them with a gentle magic that allows the music to come alive. The beautiful textures and tones convince the listener that there’s much more going on than one guitar and one flute. The sounds and colors fill the spaces, pulling the listener into a peaceful daydream.”

Ralph Valdez, NPR station WDET

“…technically assured and rhythmically sprightly…Polished, dynamic performances.”

George Bulanda, Hour Magazine

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